LYNX: your partner in Japan

Providing unique solutions to help you enter the Japanese market. Whatever your goal is.

Our services

Our services have the simple, basic purpose of helping a non-Japanese corporate decide whether to enter the Japanese market and how. Accordingly with our dynamic approach to business, the services lineup is designed so that you can pick only the services you need, and decide how you want LYNX to be involved. As a result, no matter what stage your project is at: we are ready to jump in to help you understand how you can boost and optimize your operations to adapt them to the Japanese market.
If you feel that you are not taking full advantage of your plan because of language barriers and cultural gaps, take a look at how we can help you and feel free to contact us for any questions. We will be glad to discuss your project and see how we can customize our services to your plan.


    Decide how, where and when.
    When you need to gather information about your industry in the Japanese market, we will assist you through all steps necessary to make the right choice.


    Feel confident with your team.
    We will assist your team and check your Japanese-speaking staff or candidates’ language skills including pronunciation, clarity, grammar and, most importantly, effectiveness.


    Let us be on the battlefield with you.
    We are ready to help you in making and developing new contacts in Japan, qualifying leads, exchanging communications and negotiating with local businesses.


    Be understood.
    We translate simple text such as manuals, guidelines for staff or customers, information or bulletin boards, PR announcements and more.


    Let us spread the word.
    The best and easiest choice if you already have a business model and a marketing plan, and all you need is someone to present your idea in Japan.


    Convey YOUR message.
    We write Japanese text for your collaterals or your website, guidelines, instruction booklets, catalogues, manuals and more.


    Welcome your visitors.
    We come with you to trade shows, events or meetings to help you efficiently manage PR with Japanese people or partners who can’t speak English.

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About LYNX


founder and managing director of LYNX

Our story

LYNX was founded in 2014 in Kyoto, Japan, as an English school. Although it started as a basic place to learn English just like many others in the city, we were always inspired and guided by the "think global, act local" principle and worked to develop know-how and connections with Japanese corporates; everyday in our journey, businesspeople and clients have helped the LYNX team grow in our dream to help Japanese corporates connect to the world. As our team grew in number and ideas, we have seen many new opportunities to become truly helpful and truly competitive; our dream became gradually bigger, more detailed and more ambitious.
May 2016 marks the time when the new dream comes true: we have developed a whole new plan to be closer to our Japanese clients and play an active role in their journey to success.
LYNX has always offered unique solutions for unique businesses with unique targets. Now, we are excited to start a new challenge by offering the same custom-made services to non-Japanese SME's willing to enter the Japanese market.

Our mission

Intercultural communication is sometimes the most difficult hindrance when trying to go international. How many times have you heard and read of negotiations failing for reasons that may seem unpredictable even to a skilled foreign businessperson?
The close relationship and friendship with each of our Japanese clients have helped us reach a true understanding of one of the main issues occurring when you try to do business in Japan: the important differences between what is perceived as uchi ("home", "us") and its opposite, soto ("outside", "them"). For this reason, language skills and manual-led operations alone are not going to make business processes any easier. From the way to introduce yourself to body language; from asking the right questions to using the most proper tones; considering different negotiation steps, developing connections, and also spending quality time with your Japanese partner outside work. All these and more elements play a crucial role when doing business in Japan, and when everything is done properly you turn from a soto to an uchi. Our mission is to help you do exactly that.

So, how may we help?

LYNX offers you the possibility to be released from the burden of learning how to effectively develop your relationship with Japanese businesspeople. Sit back and relax while being confident that your product or service is being presented in the most proper way to your target in Japan.
We are here to avoid those communication gaps that too often cause an important waste of time and sources for both sides.
We will assist you in comprehending what is happening at your Japanese partner's headquarters, their expectations, their ambitions and their interest in your offer.

We are here to provide you with what you need, when you need it. Tell us your vision, and let us help you make it real.

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